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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wrapping Up the Wire Install on #4

The wire on #4 has been installed and our trench and installation have passed inspection from the city.  Our team is now in the process of backfilling the trench, tamping the soil and relaying the sod.  This process should be finished by Monday afternoon.  The team from Farmer's Electric will be back on site this week to make the electrical hookups at the fan and the electrical panel adjacent to the fourth tee.  Once their team is finished, the project will be subject to a final inspection from the city and then cleared for use in 2013.  We will have many of these types of projects this winter, but this long run on #4 will be the most invasive.  Thank you for your patience.  The weather looks great for golf this weekend.
Once the wire was installed and passed inspection, our team replaced the soil and used this 'jumping jack' vibratory tamp to compact the trench.  Caution tape was also installed.  The remainder of the soil will then be plate compacted and the sod will be placed back.  Kevin, Ryan, and Dan all played very large roles during this project.

Soil is placed back in the trench and then tamped.  Above that, this Caution tape is installed to prevent future projects from damaging the wire. We also ran a locator wire in the trench so that we can find the exact location of this wire in the future.
Large gauge wire was needed for the long run of single phase power to the fan on #4 green.  Many thanks to our great team for doing this project in house.

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