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Monday, August 18, 2014

Utilizing Closed Days

Some of the most important days of the year for our team happen when the golf course is closed.  Last week and today are a prime example of that.  The golf course was closed for planned maintenance days last Tuesday and Wednesday and there were no events today or last Monday.  This allows our team to accomplish a ton of work and perform some applications that would not be possible otherwise.

Last week was our second scheduled tee and green surround aeration and greens venting.  Our team also installed a load of sod around the golf course.  All tees, fairways, green surrounds, and rough received lime and potash applications.  Tees, green surrounds, and the short game practice area were core aerated with 5/8" tines, fertilized, and topdressed with sand.  These practices are crucial in maintaining a healthy stand of turf, and relieving the overabundance of compaction on collars.  We will be continuing to work the sand in on tees and collars this week.  The rain makes it difficult to move the sand down into the aeration holes.  Our certified pesticide applicators made our first pre-emergent application for Spring Dead Spot.  We will make two more applications before Halloween to help prevent the disease.  Greens were vented and topdressed last week as well.

Today, our team edged and mowed bunkers, fertilized bunkers, topdressed greens, and mowed down the native areas left of 15 and left of 7.  Mowing these areas down is the first step in re-establishing these out of play areas to a mono-stand of fine fescue.  We will spray out any plant material currently in these areas and till/seed them to fine fescue in September.  This will still allow for a 'low maintenance' area while greatly raising the aesthetic value of golf course.  It will also allow for more visibility left of #7.  Our team greatly appreciates the closed time and look forward to our next closed days in September for greens aeration and dryject.  This is scheduled for Tuesday September 2 - Thursday September 4. There will be a 10-14 day window of recovery following these two practices.  We will also be seeding the fescue areas at this time.  Over the next few weeks, there will be a great deal of work done directly in front of the Old House.  Our team will be installing new irrigation while the brick sidewalks are being leveled and replaced.

Have a great week,

Jordan Booth, CGCS

This rented tractor implement is known as a Bush Hog.  We have used it to mow down all of the native areas.  Fine fescue will be reestablished into the areas.  The stands of fine fescue between 3 and 8 and behind the nursery will be allowed to grow back naturally while the areas left of 7 and 15 will be totally renovated.

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