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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall 2014

One of the best times of the year in Richmond, Virginia is here and I could not be happier.  The Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, play golf, and enjoy Willow Oaks Country Club.  The golf course had a great summer and as scheduled we aerated greens the week after Labor Day.  The greens were dryjected in two directions and core aerated with 1/2" coring tines.  We are currently 12 days post-aeration and the greens are healing in nicely.  Our goal over the last 2 weeks has been to heal over from aeration as quickly as possible.  This had led to sandy, poor putting conditions but the greens are growing very well.  We are double mowing greens dry in the afternoon this week to achieve a better quality of cut.  When the greens have dew on them in the morning, they tend to hold sand on the leaf blade which can dull the mowers.  When dry, the sand falls off of the leaf blades for a higher quality of cut.  Greens will continue to improve and I expect them to be in great shape by Friday.

The fall is a good time for projects and we have tackled a few this month.  The team from Homescapes was here this month to renovate the sidewalks in front of the Old House and main entrance.  The sidewalk locations were physically moved to align with the path in front of the pro shop.  The new path was then leveled and re-set with the original brick.  Very nice work but it meant that we needed to change our turf and irrigation in this area.  Our team did a great job to knock this work out while the course was closed for aeration.  We look forward to renovating the landscape beds in this area and others around the club this fall.

Another area of renovation are the natural, out of play areas to the left of holes 15 and 7.  These areas have been cleared and sprayed.  Soon, we will till the areas under and seed to fine, wispy fescue.  This will be a much cleaner look while providing lower maintenance areas.  I look forward to see these areas maturing.

Finally, we have received some questions regarding the chlorotic, yellow blocks of turf around the golf course.  These areas have been spot sprayed for weeds and the herbicide, while to killing the desired turf, does temporarily off color the turf.  These areas will recover quickly while the weeds will die.

I look forward another great Fall and tournament schedule here at Willow Oaks.

Have a great day,

Jordan Booth, CGCS

The team from Clear Vision did a great job working around our schedule to complete both directions of DryJect.  This picture illustrates the second direction.  These machines blast sand into the greens to provide sand channels and allow for water movement, gas exchange, and firm surfaces.
Following core aeration and topdressing, the greens are brushed and rolled to move all of the sand into the aeration holes.  At this time, soil amendments are added to improve grow in and balance the soil profile.

Homescapes moved and leveled the sidewalk while our team installed new turf and relocated/installed irrigation.
We took the opportunity to upgrade all of the irrigation components while we were in the ground.  Our Facility Maintenance Team also upgraded conduit to all of their light poles and electrical services.
The finished product turned out quite well.
The tan colored area to the left of #15 has been cleared and sprayed.  It will soon be tilled and seeded to fine fescue.

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