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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome to 2015

A new year brings new excitement and preparation for the 2015 golf season.  Our team is in full swing and we are readying the course for a great 2015.  One of our main focuses this winter has been and will continue to be drainage on holes 1, 3 and 4.  Since the renovation, we have installed thousands of feet of sub-surface drainage pipe to help speed up the removal of water.  We place the pipe in line to intercept water draining off of the golf course during surface drainage.  A trench is cut and the pipe is installed, surrounded by gravel.  The rest of the trench is then filled with sand to provide great infiltration of water.  The pipes are plastic and have small holes in them to allow water in.  The water is then carried off of the golf course.

We have successfully tackled some of the biggest issues and continue to fine tune the course's surface and sub-surface drainage to provide firm, dry conditions.  This year, we hope to tackle the remaining drainage issues on holes 1, 3, and 4 for 2 reasons.

1.  These holes, especially 3 and 4 need a lot of drainage work and tend to be the most likely holes with cart path restrictions.

2.  This will be the beginning of a total course drainage plan where we continue to improve drainage through the installation of sub-surface drain lines.  1-4 is the logical place to start.  Hopefully next year, we can tackle holes 5-8 and so on.

The course drains very well especially considering that we are in a flood plain.  The surface and subsurface drainage installed during and since the renovation work very well.  We are simply improving upon the current drainage with the goal of dry, firm conditions at all times.  This in conjunction with fairway topdressing has provided great results.  I like to remind people about how poorly the course drained prior to the renovation.  The resources and goals set forth by the membership have paid huge dividends in this regard.

Our team is wrapping up the fourth drainage project on hole #3 today.  We have 3 more projects planned for #3 this year before moving on to holes 1 and 4.  Hole #3 has historically been the wettest hole on the course due to natural springs, soil conditions and shade from trees to the southwest of the Willow Oaks property.  Our team has tackled 10 separate drainage projects on this hole since 2008 including over 4000 feet of subsurface drainage.

The map below shows the drainage that has been installed this year.  This winter will also include the removal of dead trees, the installation of fans on holes 7 and 17, and a renovation of the tree line between holes 9, 13, and 14.  Underbrush will continue to be cleared as well.  We look forward to continuing a productive off season as we prepare for a great 2015.

Have a great week,

Jordan Booth, CGCS

This picture illustrates the projects that have been completed on hole # 3 this year.  Sub-surface drains are installed in the current low swales.  We are obviously focusing on cart traffic areas and landing areas.  
The first step in the process is to identify anything underground such as irrigation and current drainage and then strip the sod.  
Our team lays down plywood to protect the turf and use a transit to place the drainage and check the fall of our drain lines.  
Gravel and pipe are installed.
The last step is to install sand in the trench and to tamp the trenches down.  Sod is then replaced and leveled.  These sub-surface drain lines allow for quick removal of water from the surface drainage.  

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