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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Very Productive Week

As I write this, the golf course is receiving a heavy downpour of rain. While this may create some work, it is perfect timing following the aeration programs that have been performed on greens. The rain will help work in the sand and soil amendments that have been applied over the last two weeks. The warm weather in the forecast is also a welcome sight. I have started to see a lot of green leaves breaking out of the bermudagrass but the prolonged winter has left us a few weeks behind a normal spring green up schedule. The prolonged winter and above average snow cover has our team playing catch up. We made great strides over the past two weeks while completing aeration. Our team installed the wire and concrete bases for fans on holes 7 and 17. We renovated the dump/compost site right of #14, renovated our parking lot, and moved a 14 year old willow oak tree into the circle in front of the clubhouse. Our team will still be busy with a few tree removals and at least one drainage project as we ready the course for the prime golf season. Golf course conditioning and in particular putting green recovery will be our main focus for the next month. Our goal is to heal over from aeration quickly and begin providing great putting conditions.

Our team, along with the professionals from Arborscapes transplanted this willow oak on Monday.  This willow oak was selected from this property for this project because of its size and location.  This tree was going to quickly out grow its previous location so the best solution was to move it into the new bed inside of the traffic circle.  This saved money over purchasing a tree and preserved this tree from having to be removed.  This tree will now become the focal point of this bed and provide a great "namesake tree" for future generations.  Arborscapes carefully removed the soil around the roots with an air spade.  This tool blasts pressurized air into the ground to allow for the entire root system to be exposed and moved with the tree.  The tree was then placed in its new location and temporarily roped off to support the tree until it can take root.  This is one of the final steps in the renovation to the traffic circle.  The flag pole was removed and a new flag pole was installed between the pool and the patio.  This location allows the flag to be a focal point from the golf course as well as the club.  The traffic circle bed was expanded with new masonry, irrigation and lighting installed.  The final portion of this project will be sod and plant material installations next week.  This project was constantly delayed due to weather but will be a great improvement.  Two more projects are planned and budgeted in grounds this year including the renovation of the landscape beds in front of the old house as well as new hardscaping and landscaping leading into tennis.  These projects will keep our team hopping in grounds but will be great additions to the club.

Have a great weekend,

Jordan Booth, CGCS

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weather and Golf Maintenance Calendar

The weather has been daunting to say the least.  I am sure that all of us have been affected by weather in one way or another over the last month.  It has caused our team a lot of headaches, delayed projects, and kept the course closed for over 2 weeks.  Our team has been busy with snow removal and managing the golf course as water drains off and trees have fallen in the storm.

Speaking of water, the golf course will be very wet for the foreseeable future as more weather is expected and the snow continues to melt.  Expect very wet conditions if you venture out.  I would expect the course to be open on Wednesday but that may be it for the week as there is still snow cover on greens and more weather rolls in on Thursday.  Contact the Pro Shop for more information regarding course closures.  

Our team, along with the Professional Golf Staff have finished our golf calendars for the year.  A big part of this calendar are the closed days set aside for maintenance.  We are very thankful for these closed days and work diligently to maximize our work load when the course is closed.  The maintenance calendar has been posted in the locker rooms and will be posted on the online golf calendar.  There will also be a quick reference available on the blog shortly.  

The closed days for disruptive putting green aeration will be:

-  Tuesday March 17, Tuesday March 24, Wednesday March 25

-  Tuesday September 8, Wednesday September 9, Thursday September 10

Depending on weather, it will take between 10-21 days for the greens to totally heal over from these aerations.  Our goal is to time these activities for quick recovery and to minimize the impact to putting quality.  All of our aerations are vital agronomic practices and more information on these practices and there purposes can be found here: Agronomic Practices.

I am looking forward to warmer weather, green grass, and golf.  I know you are too.

Have a great week and travel safe,

Jordan Booth

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