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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fielding a few questions from the Golf Course

Q:  Why is the golf course closed tomorrow afternoon (Friday, August 21)?

A:  Willow Oaks is hosting a very special event tomorrow, a fundraising golf tournament for the Wounded Warrior Family Support organization.  Many members are participating in the event and we are proud of the very full field.  The tournament and accompanying events will raise 10's of thousands of dollars for Wounded Warrior Family Support.  I encourage everyone to visit the Wounded Warrior Family Support website to learn more about the fantastic programs in place to support the families of those who have been wounded, injured, or killed during combat operations.  Willow Oaks' commitment to this tournament is just one example of the club's core values and showing of enormous gratitude for our active and veteran military heroes. 

Q:  What are the nickel sized holes in the greens?

A:  These holes are the result of taking soil sample cores.  These cores are combined to give us a sample representation of every green's soil.  These samples are then sent to a laboratory to let us know the current nutrient levels in the soil.  Taking samples of every green allows us to supplement fertility on a green by green basis to give every individual green exactly what it needs.  Larger samples are also sent in to give us more comprehensive information about the physical properties of the soil to help us plan cultural practices such as core aeration.  We perform these sampling practices twice a year and as needed to give the greens the best possible growing conditions.

Q:  Why do I see lines on the greens?

A:  These lines are a result of a practice called vertical mowing or verticutting.  We usually perform this practice 6-8 times throughout the year as weather allows.  Verticutting promotes a healthy putting surface through thatch removal and cutting lateral growth.  This also helps promote a truer ball roll and prevents against the build up of grain on the putting surfaces.

Verticutting removes excess material from the greens and helps thin the canopy to promote a healthy growing environment and better playing surface.

Q:  Why are carts restricted to the path?

A:  Carts may be restricted to the path for a number of reasons but this time of year it is typically due to wet soil conditions.  We have seen limited restrictions this year but have needed to keep carts on the path a few days to protect the golf course from tire tracking and rutting.  Our team still has to work in wet conditions.  Mowing of greens and tees may be possible when the fairways are too wet to drive on due to the fact that our greens and tees are built with sandy soils.  These soils drain much faster than the native soils under our fairways.  Our staff may need to try and mow fairways and roughs when carts are restricted if more rain is forecast.  Overall, we try and make the best decision for the golf course when restricting traffic and our goal is to get carts back on fairways as soon as possible.

Q:  When do we aerate greens this fall?

A:  The course will be closed for putting green aeration Tuesday, September 8 - Thursday, September 10.   The aeration performed during these three days is the only aeration programs planned for this fall.  We expect full recovery in 14-18 days.  More information on putting green aeration can be found under Agronomic Practices.

 Thank you for the questions and we look forward to seeing you on the course,

Jordan Booth, CGCS

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