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Exemptions for Handicapped Flag Policy

We realize there are a few members whose health situation would prohibit them from playing in the winter season due to an inability to walk from the cart paths to their ball.  As in the past, we will implement an exception policy that allows those handicapped individuals to drive onto the fairways.  The details of this policy are described here:

1.   This exception to cart path restrictions pertains only to the winter dormant season on dry days.  In other words, if the Superintendent deems the course to be too wet for any cart traffic, no one will be allowed to drive the carts on the course regardless of health situation.
2.   The Golf Committee has the responsibility to approve all requests for Exceptions to Cart Path Only.  The Professional Golf Staff cannot approve these exceptions. 
3.   The process for requesting and receiving the exception is as follows:

Step 1   
Individuals wishing to apply for the exception must pick up the Exception form in the Pro Shop, fill it out and have their physician sign the form indicating a medical need.

Step 2
The Exception form is to be turned in to the Pro Shop and in turn, will be forwarded to the Golf Committee within one business day.  The Golf Committee will reply directly to the individual within 2 business days with an approval, disapproval or request for additional information.

Step 3
The Golf Committee will notify the Professional Golf Staff of all approvals to the Exception policy and they will maintain a file for all such approvals. 

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