Thursday, October 24, 2013

Changing of the Seasons

The cool weather has finally arrived and this morning we had the first frost of the season.  The golf course is really maturing well and will soon be headed into dormancy.  This time of year is dedicated to daily maintenance, readying the course for winter, and leaf removal.  Our team does a great job of keeping the golf course clean of leaves especially when we are dry.  Above average rainfall has made leaf removal difficult but has caused other problems.  Earthworm castings have been abundant on fairways and can lead to mud on your golf ball.  High soil moisture drives the earthworms to the surface for oxygen.  Our team was finally able to get out and blow/mow these areas this week.  Please continue to enjoy the course as the golf season draws to an end.  Soon, the golf course will be changing colors, going dormant and golf carts will be restricted to the path.  Reminders will be sent out via email as well as the handicapped flag policy for golf cart use during winter months.

This winter, our team will focus on normal winter projects such as irrigation installation, dead tree removal, underbrush clearing, drainage installation, and bunker renovation.  This year, we will also be clearing a few more trees between 13 and 14 as well as installing fans on holes 5, 14, and 17.  The wire for these fans will be trenched in from our maintenance shop which is right of #10 fairways.  Needless to say, this will be quite an undertaking.   We look forward to the challenge, the upcoming season of improvement, and seeing you on the golf course.

Have a great weekend and holiday season,

Jordan Booth

This picture of #7 shows the beauty of the golf hole but also highlights the natural buffers around the water.  These buffers are not only native and beautiful but help protect our water and the James River.

Number 15 is certainly a difficult par 3.  We don't want to make it any more difficult so we keep the low maintenance, native areas out of the path of play.  These areas cut down on mowing, chemical applications, and fertilizer applications while beautifying the course and providing a wildlife habitat.  
A few deer had too good of a time on the back of #9 green.  Our team was quick to repair any damage but you will still see the signs for about a week. 
Fall is the best time of the year for grooming practices.  These brushes help stand up the grass for a better quality of cut.  Groomers in front of the cutting units also help stand up the grass.  A lot of double cutting and grooming is employed to improved surface texture and smoothness. 
The final application of spring dead spot control went down this week.  This should prevent the widespread outbreak of spring dead spot on the golf course next year.

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